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Cryogenically Treated Products

Acme Audio Labs is honored to have our cryogenic treatment done by JENA Labs and Kimber Kable. Both companies are dedicated to obtaining the maximum benefits from the cryogenic process.list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.

High Copper Content Brass

Some of our competitors advertise their AC outlets as having high copper content metal contact parts. The actual content is listed as over 70%, and this is true. The formulation of brass with this high content is called Olin #688 brass. Acme outlets also utilize Olin #688 brass.

Ceramic Fuse Compatibility

We have found that some equipment with no inrush protection will destroy Ceramic body fuses. It is recommended that a potential fuse customer first try a stock ceramic body fuse before ordering Acme Audio Labs Fuses.

CFC (Crystal Fiber Compound) Formerly known as "Special Sauce"

his is the name given to the coating available on several Acme Audio Labs Products. It is a proprietary combination of materials designed to improve sonic performance.

Using Acme Audio Labs Products

Cumulative Benefits

Greater sonic and visual benefits are realized with each additional outlet replaced with a Acme outlet on the audio/video AC circuit.

Product Break-in

All electronic components go through a process of break-in. Current flow through the components results in changing sound quality as the materials involved settle in. This process takes approximately 30 days (720 hours) of usage for the Acme products. It is important to evaluate the benefits of our products only after this process is complete.


Warning - Lethal voltages may be encountered when removing and installing AC devices. Have this work done by a competent technician or licensed electrician.

Ordering & Shipping


Acme Audio Labs is a manufacturing division of REVO LLC. To place an order for Acme Audio Labs products,  please check with our dealers. Click on DEALERS on our home page.  Acme Audio Labs may offer direct sales to fill gaps in regional coverage or a lack of product in stock. 

Major Credit Cards and PayPal are accepted. 

Shipping / Postage

Please request a quote for shipping costs. Most domestic orders are sent using United States Postal Service. Large orders and overseas shipments may be done using UPS, Federal Express, or International Mail. Minimum order of $300 to use customer's carrier shipping account.


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